Fund Manager Account

Fund Manager Account

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KENNETH BACH LLP offers an algorithmic tradings solution for direct investment in the foreign exchange market. The investors register and have 100% control over their own Fund Manager Account with BlackBull.

If you are investing in forex through a managed account we can help with a good and steady investment strategy with institutional level ROI.

The minimum equity limit to invest in this strategy is $10.000

Account owned by the fund 

The account is fully owned by the fund and can be accessed online 24/7 365. Your account is connected to the “KENNETH BACH Fx” account running the algorithmic trading solution. Investors thus have the option, with one day’s notice if no positions are open, to close their account and withdraw their funds, regardless of the reason, if this is desired. This without contact or influence from KENNETH BACH LLP.


We only invest in currencies. The Majors, the 7 largest currency crosses and Minors, the 21 medium-sized currency crosses. The strategy is based on a quantitative and mathematical approach.


Target is 2,8% – 3,2% per. mth., app. 40,0% per. yr.

There will be drawdowns as with any other strategy. Expected drawdown could be 10% or higher.

Performance in % since July 2020


Breakdown of costs: 25% to KENNETH BACH LLP including trading cost to the broker, Swap fees and administration.  KENNETH BACH LLP only earns a performance fee if investors make a return. If there is no return, there is no cost to neither KENNETH BACH LLP nor the broker.


A report is sent to you by email directly from the broker every day after market close. A friendly advise: Do NOT look at them every day as it may give a wrong picture of what is going on in the account. There is every month a “Monthly statement” send out which gives a better owerview of the account.

Floting P/L is open positions in the market.

Example of report. All amounts are in EUR or your account currency.

Account connection

The strategy and your account is connected and copied via the BlackBull Markets MAM system.