About Kenneth Bach LLP


KENNETH BACH LLP is founded out of pure interest and fasination of what  a quatitative approach, mathematics, computer science and common sense can do combined.

The founder has “Professional Status” with the EU Regulators and brokers, i.e.:

    • A financial portfolio that exceeds €500,000
    • Placed relevant trades in significant sizes over the last four quarters.
    • Work, or have worked, in the financial sector in a leading position for at least one year.
  • Methodology

The main approach is quantitative trading and statistical arbitrage. This in combination with certain multi regression points and trading patterns.

KENNETH BACH LLP strongly believes in a scientific, quantitative and repeatable risk-driven process for performing systematic trading and implementing automated strategies.

A scientific approach to quantitative research is not only the most appropriate way to approach trading, but it is also the mindset used in almost all institutional investors as well as quantitative hedge funds.

A strict backtest methodology is emphasized and uses robust approaches to portfolio construction and risk management. Through exploitation of market anomalies supported by extensive academic research, we make intensive use of ‘indicators’, ‘statistical data’ and ‘chart patterns’, which in the right combination can yield fantastic results.

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