Can I withdraw funds whilst trades are open?

No withdrawals can not de done while trades are open.  The MAM open trades on behalf of all followers so it will impact the trades open if withdrawals occur.

You say the business has been going since 2013, but data is only shown from September 2022?

All our MAM strategies are run with BlackBull Brokers.

Our trade history before BlackBull Brokers was with other forex brokers who do not offer the MAM arrangement we require. This history is not able to be transferred to Blackbull Markets.

Further, the history on these accounts does not reflect the way our algorithms run now. They were run with higher drawdowns and changes were made doing tests of the present algorithms and strategy over the past 12 years.


What is the minimum amount I need to have to invest?

Each of our strategies needs at a minimum $10,000 EUR or equivalent invested in them.  We do not recommend investing if amounts below this capital requirement.

Ideally it is best to invest in more than one strategy as they help followers achieve a consistent return and mitigate risks by spreading their capital.

If you are investing in a different currency, please ensure the exchange is equivalent to $10,000 EUR.

Does my investment need to be in EUR?

No.  You can setup your investment account in the currency of your choice.

One of the reasons we use BlackBull as our broker is they allow accounts to be opened in the currency of the traders choice.

So if you want an GBP, AUD, USD or EUR etc account, BlackBull can accommodate you.

This means you do not have to be concerned about currency risks when depositing and withdrawing your funds.

If you are setting up an investment account not in EUR, please make contact with BlackBull so they can help you set it up as it can not be completed through the main portal.